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RSL Brisbane North Banyo RSL Subbranch
RSL Brisbane North Banyo RSL Subbranch
Banyo RSL Sub-Branch QLD
Banyo RSL Sub-Branch QLD
Banyo RSL Sub-Branch QLD
Banyo RSL Sub-Branch QLD

Project Description

Banyo Sub Branch Inc.
Nudgee School Of Art Hall
61 Hayden Street
Nudgee QLD, 4014
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Information for Members

Pension & Welfare Hours are:
09:00 – 12:00 Mondays and
13:00 – 16:00 Wednesday
or by Appointment – please phone to arrange alternate time.

Sub Branch History

The Banyo RSL Sub-Branch started as a small group of veterans after WW2. The first meeting was held on 15 August 1945. This, however, was not the first time members of the local community had formed a group to look after their war veterans.


After the 1914-18 war, a School of Arts Building Committee was formed to build a dance hall where returned service personnel co1J1ld be entertained and socialize. The Banyo School of Arts was not completed until July 1928. This community hall later became known as the Banyo Memorial Hall and was for many years the home to the Banyo RSL Sub-Branch.


A Banyo War Memorial, a flag-pole on a stepped marble base, was built in front of the Memorial Hall in !952. In 1998, the Banyo Memorial Hall, because of its poor condition, had to be demolished and the land was sold. The War Memorial Flag-pole remained and thanks to Mr Ernie Jones, the President at the time, and the Banyo RSL Sub-Branch, an artillery piece, Remembrance Wall and Memorial Gardens were added to the War Memorial site.

Since then, the War Memorial has had a number of additions. It now has three Memorial Trees, four flagpoles (Flags flown represent the Navy, Army, Air Force and Merchant Navy) and two additional Memorial Walls. These Memorial Walls carry plaques with the names, not only of those who gave their lives for their country but also of returned service personnel and those men and women who served our country with the Australian or Allied Forces but were not posted oversea plaques are provided, inscribed, and attached to the memorial wall at the small cost of$20 each. Services are held at the War Memorial on ANZAC Day (March begins at 7.00am; followed by the Service) and on Remembrance Day (Start time at 10.40 am.)


The Sub-Branch has seen a number of homes since its days in the Memorial Hall. At present it has the use of rooms at the Multicap Building in Earnshaw Road. The main function of the Sub-Branch is to look after the welfare of veterans, war widows/widowers and their families. The community is not forgotten, with donations and shields presented to local schools and sporting groups. Sub-Branch membership hovers around 65 members.


Prior to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, each year, volunteers seH Anzac Badges and other memorabilia to raise money. The money raised is used mainly to help our veterans and their families. This is done through our Welfare and Pension Officers who organise and assist with morning teas and luncheons. A bus is provided to pick up and set down those elderly membe..-s and veterans who wish to attend. The socialising of the elderly is important.

This group of trained officers man t21e Welfare Office from 9am to 12pm on Monday and from I pm to 4pm on Wednesday to assist members with problems and to ensure that members receive their entitlements through DV A or Centrelink. Members often just “drop in” for a cup of coffee and a chat. A small library is at present being developed t.o give people an opportunity to enjoy books donated by fellow members. To keep members informed on what is happening in their Sub-Branch and on welfare and .pension issues, a newsletter i., sent to all members regularly. Members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter.

During times of war, sacrifices are made, not only oy our service members out also by their families and loved ones. Many who return to their families are badly scared both physically and mentally. As the veterans grow older it has become obvious that more members are needed to provide assistance to the service community and who better to provide this assistance than their families and loved ones as well as citizens who appreciate the work of our service personnel and just want to help.

The Citizens’ Auxiliary at Banyo RSL was founded in 2000. It is open to anyone who wishes to help. Not all Sub-Branches have Citizens’ Auxiliaries; however, they are steadily increasing in number. The Banyo RSL Citizens’ Auxiliary has over 120 members. Junior Members from 12 to 18 years; can also can become members.


Our major fundraising to enable us to continue to undertake welfare and commemoration is selling badges and memorabilia in shopping centers. We rely heavily on our many volunteers to assist us with this undertaking.


Every year our Junior members undertake gift wrapping at Taigum Square Shopping Centre. Junior members are supervised by either their parent/guardian or members with a blue card. This is a very good fundraiser for tile Citizens Auxiliary over two busy weeks.

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